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About Edgar

Edgar Mohena was born in the Cucama tribe village. He has over 10 years of experience guiding Amazonian tours. He has worked in various jungle lodges and resorts. He has also spent many years heading survival excursions deep in the rainforest. His tremendous knowledge of medicinal plants and animal species has made him one of the best guides and teachers Peru has to offer.
Edgar has dedicated his life to preserving indigenous traditions, sharing them with visitors from all around the world.

Languagesː Spanish, English, Cucama tribe dialect


Huayracaspy expeditions is more than just a tourism business. We aspire to give you the best classes and hands-on survival skill training Peru has to offer. As proof of our greater mission to conserve one of the most biodiverse habitats in the world, we work directly with the nearby indigenous peoples of the Amazon.

The Cucama tribe’s people have lived in the Tamshiacu Yanayacu Reserve for hundreds of years. We connect our guests with the Cucama tribe’s people. By training with us, you will help fund our goals and boost the economy of nearby tribes.

We provide a high quality experience for our guests by assigning private and indigenous guides to your group. Share and learn indigenous techniques for survival in the Amazon. Help us encourage the preservation of the mystical Amazon Rainforest.

We work as vital members of the indigenous community and help to staff the finest rural clinic in the Amazon Rainforest.
We offer the greatest diversity of flora and fauna found in the Amazon.
We focus on strict preservation and protection of the conservation area.
We offer educational programs and scholarships for the native children of these tribes.