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Meet Edgar Mohena – Your Jungle Survival Expert

In the heart of the Amazon rainforest, where the lush canopy meets the winding riverbanks, you’ll find Edgar Mohena, a man whose very roots are entwined with the jungle itself. Born in the heart of the Cucama tribe village, Edgar’s journey as a jungle guide began long before he could even pronounce the word “adventure.” For him, the jungle is not just a destination; it’s a part of who he is.

With over 15 years of dedicated experience, Edgar is not your ordinary guide. He’s a walking encyclopedia of Amazonian knowledge, a living map of the rainforest’s secrets, and a seasoned explorer of its hidden wonders. His passion for the jungle goes beyond the superficial; it’s a lifelong commitment to preserving indigenous traditions and sharing them with fellow adventurers from every corner of the globe.

Throughout his remarkable career, Edgar has ventured into every nook and cranny of the Amazon. From the banks of the mighty Amazon River to the heart of the Tamshiyacu Yanayacu Reserve, he’s worked in various jungle lodges and resorts, leading countless travelers on life-changing journeys. He’s not just a guide; he’s a mentor, a protector, and a storyteller.

Edgar’s expertise extends far beyond knowing the best path to take or the most scenic spots to visit. He’s a master of the jungle’s natural pharmacy, with a profound knowledge of medicinal plants that have been used for centuries by indigenous communities. He’s a walking encyclopedia on the region’s diverse animal species, from the elusive jaguar to the vibrant poison dart frog.

His commitment to preserving indigenous traditions is not just a profession; it’s a calling. Every tour he leads is a bridge between the modern world and the ancient wisdom of the jungle. He’s dedicated to fostering an understanding of the delicate balance of nature and the importance of preserving it for generations to come.

Join Edgar and the Amazon Jungle Survival Tours team on an adventure like no other. Discover the jungle’s hidden treasures, unlock its secrets, and let the stories of the rainforest become a part of your own journey. With Edgar as your guide, you’re not just exploring the jungle; you’re becoming a part of its story.

LanguagesĖ Spanish, English, Cucama tribe dialect

Our Mission: Unlocking the Wonders of the Amazon, One Adventure at a Time

At Amazon Jungle Survival Tours, we’re more than just a tourism business; we’re your gateway to a world of unparalleled adventure and cultural exploration. Our mission is to offer you not just tours, but an immersive journey into the heart of the Amazon, where the wild meets the ancient and the mystical blends with the modern.

Connecting Cultures: We take pride in being a bridge between travelers from around the world and the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, particularly the resilient Cucama tribe. For centuries, they’ve called the Tamshiyacu Yanayacu Reserve home, and by training with us, you’re not only gaining vital survival skills but actively contributing to the conservation of this breathtaking habitat.

Empowering Indigenous Communities: We’re dedicated to uplifting the economies of nearby tribes and fostering a spirit of cooperation. Through your experiences with us, you’re directly supporting the goals of these indigenous communities and helping us build a sustainable future together.

Tailored Experiences: Your adventure begins with a personal touch. We assign private and indigenous guides to your group, providing you with the most authentic experience possible. Learn ancient survival techniques, share stories, and immerse yourself in the traditions of the jungle.

Preservation and Protection: We’re more than just tour operators; we’re stewards of the land. Our commitment to preserving the Amazon Rainforest is unwavering. We focus on strict preservation and protection of the conservation area, ensuring that future generations can also marvel at its wonders.

Education and Empowerment: We believe in giving back to the communities that have welcomed us with open arms. That’s why we offer educational programs and scholarships for the native children of these tribes. By embarking on this adventure with us, you’re contributing to a brighter future for the Amazon’s youngest generations.

Community Partnerships: We’re not outsiders; we’re an integral part of the indigenous community. We proudly support and staff the finest rural clinic in the Amazon Rainforest, ensuring that healthcare reaches those who need it most.

Biodiversity Beyond Compare: With Amazon Jungle Survival Tours, you’ll encounter the greatest diversity of flora and fauna found in the Amazon. Our goal is to introduce you to the mesmerizing biodiversity of the rainforest while preserving it for generations to come.

Join us on a journey that’s more than just an adventure; it’s a chance to make a difference. At Amazon Jungle Survival Tours, we’re unlocking the wonders of the Amazon one adventure at a time, and we invite you to be part of this extraordinary mission.