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Ayahuasca and Amazonian Shamanism

Cost : $140 per day (includes lodging, ceremony and all treatments)

AMAZON JUNGLE SURVIVAL also provides ayahuasca ceremony and retreats for spiritual people who wants to expierence or deep healing of any sickness.

We can also add ayahuasca ceremonies in your jungle expedition, one or 3 ceremonies if you want an expierence with this medicinal plant depending for how long are you taking your jungle trip.

AMAZON JUNGLE SURVIVAL has a nice retreat center which is located 45 minutes
by the south of Iquitos city. this is for people who is looking for a connection with the master plants(spiritual jungle journey ) during this ayahuasca experience. You will learn so many different healing plants and indigenous culture

Retreat Services

Come to Ayahuasca Retreat for as long as like, whether just a week or for a month or two….
We charge an ‘all inclusive’ and very reasonable daily rate (approx between 140 USD per day ) for your stay*

– please send us an email for exact costs –


  • Free, comfortable taxi or bus transportation to and from the healing centre
  • Three Ayahuasca ceremonies per week (Mon, Wed & Fri )
  • Flower/plant baths
  • Individual healing sessions with our shamanic healer
  • Natural Saumeo (2 -3 times per week)
  • All meals
  • Comfortable accommodation and rest areas
  • Modern bathrooms and showers
  • Free Yoga classes (2 – 3 times a week)
  • Spanish/English translations
  • Free laundry service
  • Lake for swimming and jungle walks
  • Counseling to help you better understand the process you are going through
  • Traditional ‘plant dietas’ under the supervision of our Curanderos and also traditional ‘Kambo’ (frog poison) treatments (there is a small additional charge for both of these*)

If you are interested in visiting our healing centre, please send us an email via the contact page or get in touch with us via our facebook page.

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Questions about Ayahuasca.

What is Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca is a medicine vine and it scientific name is ”Banisteriopsis Caapi”.

What does Ayahuasca mean?

Ayahuasca is spoken in Quechua dialect mean “vine of death” for its etymology (Aya) mean(death) (Huasca)vine.

Why ayahuasca called death vine?

Its called death vine because when you use it the Ayahuasca permits that the spirits go out of the body without people experiencing death.

Images that represent the connection that establish between our world and spirit world when you drink this psychoactive substance.

The Ayahuasca take to the wonderful space between sky and earth mother.

It’s a spiritual trip of about 4 hours, Ayahuasca is excellent medicine so it give a sensations of connection to yourself, joining the soul and body in an impressive harmony that can take you to inner peace and happiness.

The Ayahuasca vine has the power of open you to spiritual world.

When a healer drinks Ayahuasca they go into medicinal state and connect with spirit and call a world Doctor spiritual and connect to anyone person with holy medicine.
The Ayahuasca is used since thousands of years ago by native amazonian people in a ritual by shaman.

The Ayahuasca is considered a relaxing potent and its use in treatment of depression and posttraumatic stress with satisfactory results.

The Ayahuasca begins the effect after about 20 minutes after you drink and rise the mind conscience, increase the visual sensitivity, olfactive and tactile.

Progressively it reduces any feelings of anxiety and fear and until you achieve deep feelings of relaxation where the individual experiences peace of mind and emotional balance.

The ayahuasca is good to treat addictions to drugs and alcohol medicament for its capacity to diminish the anxiety, fear and balance of the nervous system.

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The effects of ayahuasca

Dizziness, visions, vomits, diarrhoea, sweating, rising the peace cardiac and blood pressure.

It is when the Ayahuasca beginning the trip to the universe(catalepsia).

Ayahuasca is too often regarded as a magic bullet, tasked with the ability to cure and clean decades of spiritual and physical problems in a few days.

Ayahuasca is very powerful tool, but must be use in a holistic manner as a part of a larger process of physical cleaning.

Ayahuasca is a purgative that removes spiritual and emotional blockages.
It is extremely beneficial for people who have suffered emotional trauma through war or abuse. It is also a useful tool for spiritual seekers.

The day before the first ceremonies the participants will drink a traditional medicine called vomitivo.

This will clean the stomach and the body through the vomits and its necessary to do it in order to receive the ayahuasca.

Its a traditional preparations of the native people using two plant medicines ,el lirio called azucena mix with Oje latex.

The experience begins with a personal meeting with a shaman to talk about your intension and healing trip.

The people who will stay more than 10 days or more will receive a traditional treatment of master plants.

Before the first ceremonies the shaman will make a short meeting to ask your purpose and reply to your questions.

And after the ceremonies we usually have a meeting 3 times a week and during this meeting the participants can share their own experience and visions from the ceremonies.

During the ceremonies everyone is taken to sit in the front of the shaman to receive a personal song or Icaro based on their healing or individual intension.

Generally: the ceremonies start at 8pm and finish around 1am or 2am.

After the participants can go back to the room or stay in the maloca to share their experience each other.

The Ayahuasca ceremonies are held here 4 times a week. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

There are no ceremonies on Wednesday so that people can relax and integrate their experience.

Here is the place where you can restore your native health and perception by stripping away psychosomatic blockages.

Guided by our talented and experienced shaman who have a strong connection to the spiritual world, you will achieve personal and spiritual growth and development, regain control of your life and return home with a new energy and lust for life.

Here we constantly strive to provide you with the best facilities to aid you in your own journey while undergoing a powerful, life-changing experience unlike any other.

Ayahuasca characteristic!

The Ayahuasca extract is such as chocolate color and it taste is extremely bitter and strong dry.

During your stay you will be always in contact with our experimented staff to ask advice or receive company at any time so all the staff is trained to pay attention to the guest…


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Ayahuasca preparation:

Ayahuasca vine(Banisteriopsis Caapi)
Chacruna leaf (psychotria viridis)
Chacruna is a plant contain Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is a natural compound psychoactive that induces powerful visions.
This provokes a state of alternate consciousness that helps to many psychological problems to treat posttraumatic stress, depression, emotional problems etc.


Reduce the energy of all chakras in order to prevent sickness.
spirit healing for your inward body and hart to clean the bad energy.
cleanness and body purification, physical, mental illness, emotions and spiritual.
Find the reply to your questions.


twice a week prepare a natural herbal bath with many fragrant plants. These plants clean and purifies the energetic body and bring the good energy to the ceremonies and to the diet. The herbal bath help to bring the love and good luck in the life.


for truly condition of health and serious spiritual unbalances.
The shaman can give a good and powerful prescription treatment known as vapor bath.. Its consist in mix medicines plants or bark of the tree boiled.

AYAHUMA is a powerful tree.

Excellent to clean strong and negative energy.
It awesome for the diet of learning of Ayahuasca, increasing the visions.
Opens the light and teaches medicine songs or Icaros. it is also use in the vapor bath.

TOE: is a plant to open the vision and teach about the medicines and its only for people who is going on a diet and also for people who is very motivate to learn a training shamanic deep.


The Piñon Colorado is plant that opens the dream world.
Also, it’s a good cure for physical pain such as the mind and emotions.
Generally, the treatment with Piñon Colorado is use in vapor bath too.


This powerful master plant connect to the people with the medicines and natural world. The Chiri Sanango teaches about Shamanic medicine and helps decreasing body pain..

Piri piri is use to find the right love and the ideal couple .
It usually used in bath or in perfume to attract the love of your life….


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