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Sports Fishing in the Peruvian Amazon. Catch Peacock Bass, Dragon Fish, Doncella and Catfish

Unleash Your Angler’s Spirit: Peruvian Amazon Sports Fishing Tours

Are you an angler at heart, yearning to cast your line into the pristine waters of the Peruvian Amazon? Look no further than Amazon Jungle Survival Tours, where we offer an exclusive Sports Fishing Tour that will turn your fishing dreams into a reality. With these unique fishing trips available year-round at the Amazon Jungle Survival Tours, you can embark on a fishing adventure like no other.

The crown jewel of our Sports Fishing Tours is the pursuit of the magnificent Peacock Bass, a prized catch for anglers seeking thrilling battles and remarkable experiences. We’ll take you to explore several picturesque lakes tucked away in the heart of the Amazon, providing you with the opportunity to test your skills against this fierce and elusive fish.

These specialized fishing tours are exclusively designed for expert and professional anglers, and we take pride in accommodating your specific needs and preferences. You’ll find no shortage of excitement as you immerse yourself in the stunning natural beauty of the Amazon, surrounded by the sights and sounds of this breathtaking wilderness.

Begin your fishing journey on the Amazon at any time during the season, with the peak time for Peacock Bass fishing typically spanning from August to October. Our experienced guides and local knowledge ensure that you’re in the right place at the right time to maximize your chances of landing this coveted fish.

Prepare for a fishing adventure that transcends your wildest angling dreams. Join us at Amazon Jungle Survival Tours and get ready to experience the thrill of fishing in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, where every cast holds the promise of an unforgettable catch.


You can have a private local tours guide only for your excursion to spend all of your time fishing and exploring different lakes around the amazon jungle.

The place where you will be fishing is an excellent area to catch peacock bass and many other kinds of Amazon fish such as  piranhas, pacu, oscar, catfish, arapaima, dragon fish, etc.

In the amazon we  have the smaller butterfly peacock bass is much more ferocious fighter and is the preferred species for experienced fishers.

10 pound bass is a big fish and these things really put up a fight.


Day 1 (trip)

Starts after you arrive at the airport of Iquitos city.

Reception in the airport of the city to take you to your hotel or take you directly to your tours, depending how you book  your trip.

Note is 5 hours up the amazon river, then we arrive  to the reserve to the lodge.

Evening excursion according to your personal interests.

DAYS 2-4

(from the main lodge cabins have private  bathrooms, electricity to recharge your battery of your camara, etc.

There are much more different kind of activities  access in this  nice area.

Everyday your native tours guide will coordinate a selection of activities or fishing sites that you can choose from.

There is no extra cost for private guide or customizing your tours to you needs..

Here you are some fishing sites inside the reserve….











All those places are very productive in peacock bass fishing and also permanently flooded and peacock bass keep on that.

Day 5-7

We keep exploring the remote lakes area of the reserve looking for bigger fish such as black fin piranhas.

All those lakes are more remote, many miles away from any villages.

There is no competitions with other fishermen.

You will be fishing in wilderness sites.

There are large and small lakes in the remote area of the reserve.

Day 8

Early morning excursion(picnic breakfast on the boat) 11:am return to the lodge to have lunch  and then boat to iquitos, transfer to airport or hotel according to your booking.

Standard fishing Equipment and tackle list.

.1 medium to fast taper 6 foot fish rod appropriate  for fish of to 10 pound spining rod would be best.

.1 spool of 10- pound Berkly monofilament

.1 spool of 12-pound Berkly monofilament

.1 spool of 15 -pound Berkly monofilament

.1  106 -inch steel leaders 20-pound rated

An assortment of 10 bass plugs or proppers

.A few rattle traps this is relatively new lure which many fishmen use.


$450 per person for 3 days
$560 per person for 4 days
$650 per person for 5 days
$720 per person for 6 days
$770 per person for 7 days
$840 per person for 8 days


All amazon transfers, lodging, 3 meals during the days, mineral water, private fishing guide and private motorboat, excursions customized to your liking, gear such as jungle boat ,entrance to the reserve, etc.


International airfare or departure taxes, laundry, tips, fishing gear.
We recommend to bring your own gear.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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