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Embark on Scientific Exploration at Capybara Eco-Lodge

Capybara Eco-lodge opens its doors to a captivating realm of scientific discovery, extending a warm invitation to scientists, students, and curious travelers eager to immerse themselves in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

Unveiling Conservation Mysteries: Our lodge serves as a hub for cutting-edge scientific investigations, with a primary focus on conservation research. Committed to understanding and preserving the unparalleled biodiversity of the lowland Amazon rainforest, ongoing fieldwork here contributes to a collective effort to safeguard this mega-diverse region.

Comfortable Wilderness Exploration: Capybara Eco-lodge offers a haven for researchers, students, and visitors seeking comfort amid the remote expanses of the Amazon wilderness. Our facilities provide a welcoming and comfortable base, ensuring a seamless blend of adventure and scientific exploration.

Trail Grid: A Scientific Wonderland: At the heart of our research facilities lies the expansive trail grid system—a scientific wonderland enveloping the lodge. Stretching approximately 50 miles (80 km) around the lodge, this grid stands as the largest scientific trail system in the untamed Amazon. Researchers have delved into the mysteries of nine primate species, as well as formidable mammals like jaguars and pumas—top predators in this wildlife haven.

Diverse Ecosystems for In-Depth Studies: Beyond the lodge, Capybara Eco-lodge is surrounded by unique ecosystems, including lakes and streams that provide an ideal setting for scientific studies on Amazonian wildlife. Every corner of our pristine surroundings offers an opportunity for in-depth research on various animal and plant species, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the Amazon’s intricate web of life.

Join us at Capybara Eco-lodge, where scientific exploration meets the allure of the Amazon, offering an extraordinary platform for unraveling the mysteries of this awe-inspiring rainforest.

Unveiling the Wonders: Capybara Scientific Research Eco-Lodge

Embark on an extraordinary journey of discovery at Capybara Scientific Research Eco-Lodge, where every day is an opportunity to unravel the mysteries of the Amazon’s diverse wildlife.

Scientific Exploration: Engage in the scientific study of wildlife, contributing to invaluable control and population data on various animal species in their natural habitats. Our research goes beyond observation, capturing critical details such as time, location, group size, and sector codes for the species under monitoring.

Wildlife Population Study: At Capybara Eco-Lodge, we’ve monitored nine primate species, including the endangered Monk Saki (Pithecia monachus). Delve into the world of birds with the study of 530 species, among which the Wattled Curassow (Crax globulosa) stands as an endemic marvel. Recordings also include 182 species of reptiles and 232 amphibians, featuring the captivating, poisonous frogs (Dendrobates), representing 96 percent of amphibians in the Amazon rainforest.

Insect Wonderland: Explore a realm of 60 thousand recorded insect species, offering a glimpse into the rich insect diversity of the Amazon. Our wildlife censuses, initiated in 2015, persist in revealing the incredible biodiversity of this region.

Active Participation: Students and tourists alike are invited to join us in the animal species censuses conducted in the Tamshiacu Tahuayo Reserve. Daily investigations seek to uncover new species living in this remote reserve, with ongoing efforts to document and photograph new individuals throughout the year.

Conservation Efforts: Capybara Eco-Lodge is committed to more than just observation; we actively focus on describing new species annually. From the Pygmy Marmoset’s feeding mutualism to the social behavior of Pink Dolphins, and the discovery of the Poison Dart Frog and Harlequin Toad, our efforts contribute to a deeper understanding of the Amazon’s unique ecosystems.

If you’re intrigued by our reserve projects on primates, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and insects, contact us for more information and make your reservation. Join us in preserving and exploring the wonders of the Amazon rainforest.


Capybara Eco-lodge ia located on the Yanacu River,140 km southwest and upstream along the Amazon river

Tamshiacu tahuayo Reserve has more than 421,000 hectares of forest that you can discover.


3 Days/ 2 Nights $525 per person.
4 Days/ 3 Nights $660 per person.
5 Days/ 4 Nights $775 per person.
6 Days/ 5 Nights $870 per person.

To make your research work successful we recommend staying a period of 4 days or more.

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Insect Gallery

About The Lodge

In the lodge there is electricity but only for few hours between 6pm and 9pm and it’s possible to charge phones, laptops, cameras etc.

Yarapa village is a small where only 30 families live.

It has been very important the creation of Capibara Eco Lodge  located in these good floodplains.

Yarapa village waited for us with the open arms and in gratitude to this gesture we have created a strategic of the inhabitants, animals, the forest, and visitors.

We distribute the work equitably among the residents, through a rotation system.

At Capibara Eco Lodge we are committed to helping the villagers with medicines, and financial aid etc.

If during your visit to the Capibara Eco Lodge you want to visit the town and you want to help more actively,  you can bring them oral care products, medicines, birth control methods, articles and school books, appliances etc. However, this is not a requirement and people of Yarapa do not expect it.

They are very friendly and live happily in their area of the Amazon jungle….

Our Mission

▪ Being a vital member of the indigenous community by building, supporting and helping to offering scholarship for the native children and supporting sustainable Economic initiatives that bring wealth to the community.

▪ Supporting and conducting scientific investigations of plans, animals, and Ecosystems etc.


Our main priority is to preserve the environment and use of resources without causing any damage. This is the essential mission of Capibara Eco Lodge.

The ways we try to minimize our environmental impact include:

● Capibara Eco Lodge has been built with materials from the local area, protecting a strict relationship with the environment and giving work to local people.
● The sewage from the bath goes to septic wells to which every so often we make the appropriate treatment.
● Huayracaspi lodge buys products from supermarkets of every clean companies and with all their sanitary registration.
● In terms of food, we use a lot of local products, such as fruits, vegetables and fish. However, we never kill animals that are in danger of extinction, even if some passenger wish to do so.
● We have a recycling program. We separate waste from organic waste, which we use to fertilize various plants near the lodge.
The plastic and paper are taken to a storage center in Iquitos.
● For the camping and full-day trips, we use reusable crockery and glasses.
● We used bed linen, towels made of cotton and to wash we use biodegradable detergent.
● We always leave the place as clean as we found it.


Our team includes people from the city and also from the local villages close to the lodge.

From Iquitos airport you will be attend for Capibara Eco Lodge’s staff and in the jungle you will have private jungle guide and also waiter, lodgemanager,etc.
The key to making the tour a truly rewarding experience is the mix of knowledge, choosing a jungle guide is very important because he has a broad knowledge and he has not afraid of anything from thr jungle also they can be naturist doctor and their ability is immense.they are able to climb through lianas to a huge trees.

The guides of Capibara Eco Lodge speak English and Spanish.

The goal of Capibara Eco Lodge is that clients return very satisfied with their jungle experience.

All people who want to visit the jungle are welcome, however they must be prepared for an unforgettable experience.
Children of all ages are welcome at the lodge.


• T-shirts
• Long-sleeved shirts
• Thick long-pants
• Shorts
• Waterproof jacket or poncho
• Socks & Underwear
• Bathing suit
• Sunglasses.
• Sun hat
• Insect repellent
•  Sunblock
• Flashlight
• Camera, binoculars (8×42 is a good one).
• Small backpack

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